The municipality of residence of the agriturismo, Manciano, is one of the most fascinating towns of southern Tuscany. With its 440 meters of altitude, it stands between the valleys, crossed by rivers Fiora and Albegna offering a spectacular view to the Maremma Tuscano-Laziano.


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Without question it’s one of the pearls of Maremma Grossetano. Its charm comes from its millenary history (already in Roman times) but also from its terms from which run the warm sulfurous waters offering several therapeutic properties.




It’s a promontory by the Tyrrhenian Sea, by the archipelago that consists of the islands Giglio and Giannutri. The surrounding beaches, together with the small picturesque villages of Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, make the area very popular during the summer season.


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Defining it simply as a geographic area would be quite reductive, to an area that has inspired poetics (amongst them Dante) and painters creating legends for centuries. Its boundaries hardly describable, like its variable landscapes, create almost a mystic cocktail of ecosystems that manage to fascinate all its visitors. Some describe it as a land without the time…